3-inch Rotary Table:

A 3-inch rotary table is a compact work positioning device used in milling machines. It allows you to precisely rotate your work piece at various angles for drilling, milling, and other machining operations.

3-inch rotary tables are ideal for small-scale milling projects due to their compact size and affordability. They are commonly used by hobbyists, model makers, and machinists who work with small parts. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Increased Versatility: By precisely rotating your workpiece on the rotary table, you can perform complex machining operations on multiple planes at various angles. This allows you to drill holes, mill slots, and create intricate contours on your workpiece, all on a single milling machine setup.

  2. Enhanced Accuracy: The rotary table's calibrated scale and fine gear ratio (often 36:1) enable very precise angular positioning. This is crucial for tasks like drilling evenly spaced holes on a circular pattern or milling features with specific angles.

  3. Space-Saving Design: Compared to larger rotary tables, the 3-inch version occupies minimal space on your milling machine's table. This is a major benefit for smaller workshops or those with limited workspace. It also makes them ideal for portable milling machines.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Generally, 3-inch rotary tables are more affordable than their larger counterparts. This makes them a good option for hobbyists, model makers, or those starting with rotary table milling and wanting to experiment without a large initial investment.

  5. Suitable for Small Parts: The compact size of the table makes it perfect for holding and manipulating smaller workpieces securely. The table's t-slots allow for easy clamping of these parts, ensuring stability during milling operations.

Overall, a 3-inch rotary table is a valuable tool for expanding the capabilities of your milling machine, especially for precise and intricate work on small components.

50mm 4 Jaws Independent Dog Chuck:

A 50mm lathe independent chuck is a smaller version of the 70mm and 80mm chucks you previously inquired about. It functions similarly, offering precise control and versatility for holding workpieces on your lathe, but with a capacity for smaller diameters.

It utilizes four independently adjustable jaws that allow you to securely clamp and precisely center workpieces in your lathe. Unlike self-centering chucks, each jaw can be adjusted individually, enabling you to hold round and various odd-shaped objects up to 50mm in diameter.

Benefits of 50mm 4-jaws Independent Dog chuck:

  1. Precise Centering: Independent jaw adjustments are ideal for achieving very accurate centering, critical for machining tasks like drilling or turning where a perfectly centered piece is essential.

  2. Workpiece Versatility: The four jaws allow you to hold a wider range of materials compared to a self-centering chuck.

  3. Strong Grip : The independent jaws provide a firm and even grip on the workpiece, minimizing vibrations and ensuring machining accuracy.

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